Music Video Recommendation: “Since you’ve been Gone” by Loframes ft. Anoraak

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Music Video Recommendation: "Since you've been Gone" by Loframes ft. Anoraak

“Since you’ve been Gone” by Loframes ft. Anoraak

2015 was their debut, 2016 cemented their status as a must watch act and 2017 is a mystery that seems filled with more great music and stages getting bigger for the talented Anglo-French duo Loframes. With the looks of their latest music video, we can only continue to expect great things from this talented duo and some amazing collaborations. In “Since you’ve been gone” they set the mood and the soundscape for the track and the talented Anoraak gives it a story and a purpose with his mesmerizing vocals. This electronic/pop/funk gem has something about it that is strangely relaxing, dramatic and intoxicating. Simply sit down, let your body relax and put on this music video and let it pull you into the streets of Los Angeles and a familiar story you might have experienced or seen. Love is lost, love is gone and what happens afterward is told here by this unique group of storytellers. If anything you see seems familiar, don’t worry it might be familiar to many others so just let the soundscape engulf you in it’s fantasy.

As this talented duo continues to set their name in the current music scene, let’s make sure we have them in our personal radars. Write down the name, bookmark them, add them to your playlists for Loframes are here to stay.

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