Playlist: Soundcloud Discoveries Part XVI

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  • Trouze (Gazzo Remix): Nice union of dance electronica and amazing vocals that simply pulls anyone who listen to the nearest dance floor. 
  • Bad Wave: Eclectic mix of pop tunes with light electronic touches that with inspired vocals make a haunting soundscape that is so refreshing.
  • Me Not You (Dylan Brady Remix): Simply listen to that voice and you can’t help it, you are already bound to the melodies of Me not you in this magical remix by Dylan Brady.
  • Borneo: Old school indie rock that brings back so touches from the past but make them so relevant for today’s music lovers. Enjoyable and so fun.
  • Luxxury: Power Duo of electronic talent who simply know how to get the right beats together creating a mesmerizing dance floor like soundscape. 
  • Haux (Samuraii Remix): One truly amazing and beautiful remix that allows the vocals to truly showcase the feelings behind the lyrics in such a unison way.
  • Petey: Indie pop with light touches of rock that have a way of touching something deep inside all who listen plus the lyrics are so full of hope and so inviting.
  • MJ Ultra: Talented singer/songwriter who blends singing and rapping in an amazing way that with the unique blend of sounds simply has to get you smiling.
  • The Middle Ground: Indie Rock that is full of mature and heartfelt lyrics that has a way of crawling up your spine and transporting you a world full of tunes and melodies.
  • Llovers: Ethereal union of pop vocals and tunes that are bound to engulf you in a soundscape so unique and refreshing that you will beg for more.