Music Video Recommendation: “These Bells will Ring” by Bitter’s Kiss ft. Blue Stone

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“These Bells will Ring” by Bitter’s Kiss ft. Blue Stone

With a maturity and connection with the world that is beyond her years, talented singer/songwriter Bitter’s Kiss gives us my exception to my No Christmas tracks rule. She delivers a track that is simply beautiful and mesmerizing for even though it’s served as a holiday track it has a way of flowing that feels right for any season, any day, any year for it brings hope and truth in it’s melodies. Plus her control over the emotions and feelings her voice embodies and delivers is simply so wonderful to hear. My senses are tingling with excitement and with a new sense of hope that I am filled with. “These Bells will ring” brings to the main stage what matters most about Christmas, not the glitz and the gifts but the humane side of the world and the never ending search for peace.

Listen, enjoy, watch the video and remember there’s a big world outside our doors and our borders. We are all human and we all breath the same air and search for that pure love. Let’s continue our path with ups and downs and all to hopefully one day hear those bells ring.

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