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Wait No More is really a song about the pursuit of freedom. I wasn’t necessarily aware of that when writing it, but it has become very clear to me now. I feel that freedom is a term that means something entirely different to each and every one of us. The thing that remains common is that in those fleeting moments, when you truly feel free, you are absolutely and entirely absorbed in happiness.


Listen: ” Wait no More” by Skin & Bones

Another amazing example of modern day Americana/Indie Folk by the traveling duo known as Skin & Bones. With “Wait no more” they continue showcasing honest music that speaks to each and every one of us no matter what social class you are in, your genre, your musical taste or anything that bounds you to a certain group. They break free from any limitations and simply give us pure and uninhibited music that is able to not only reach us but truly touch us. The combination of that passionate violin, that folksy guitar and drum and that soulful voice with those lyrics make for one of the most thrilling soundscapes you’ll ever hear. Relax, listen, smile and be free as the melodies transport you to your own happy place.

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