Listen: “Stanton Park” by Luke De Sciscio

“Stanton Park” by Luke De Sciscio

With guitar in hand, Luke De Sciscio’s voice transports us to a bench in Stanton Park where we have a view of all that unfolds as the soundscape paints it’s melodious and dramatic picture. As he whispers softly to the wind, we hear his voice and the feelings behind it as his heart and soul show themselves for us to connect with. There’s no turning back, Luke pulls us into his world, into his music and we feel it all. We mature at the very moment the verses start for strangely we are able to connect the dots and fill in the gaps with our personal touch.

The magic in his music is that he allows us to become part of it, to make it personal while it remains his. “Stanton Park” is a haunting example of the beauty of the folk genre as it brings itself to today’s modern scenario. With no doubt in my mind I invite you to applaud Luke De Sciscio for giving us an honest story that is sometimes so hard to find in the current music scene.

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