Playlist: Soundcloud Discoveries Part XV

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  • Kevin Chambers: Soft Melodious indie pop led by an inspired piano that blends perfectly with the story behind the lyrics connecting with the listeners.
  • Viga: Playful, fun and inviting remix by the talented Viga keeping the aura of the original track while giving his own electronic touches that click so well. 
  • Year of the Brother: Talented Trio that mixes danceable tunes with pop melodies and throws in some mature and heartfelt lyrics that are easy to relate to.
  • Adam Friedman: R&B blended with light pop touches that invite the listener into a real soundscape that is so amazing and so mesmerizing as it touches true feelings.
  • Emmit Fenn: Soft Electronic beats blended with light pop tunes with a melodramatic effect on top of the voice that gives the track that haunting feel.
  • Carly Van Skaik: Electro/Pop magic turned into a gem thanks to Carly’s beautiful voice – dive deep into her soundscape and dance softly to the rhythm.
  • Neon Tribe: Inviting, fun and club perfect remix that gives that certain pause to let the melodies sink in and then builds up into an oozing music filled soundscape.
  • The Fangs: United some punk/rock vocals with pop tunes and light rock melodies and you get a mature and engulfing plethora of sounds.
  • Dakota: Indie Pop/Rock quartet from the Netherlands that have a way of clicking with every sense and bone of your body. Just listen and let it be part of you.
  • Magdalena Bay: Indie electro/pop duo that brings us into a playful and unique soundscape that shows us they are on the road to capturing the attention of the music lovers.