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“Talk of the Town” by Mojave Nomads

2017 is shaping up to be the year of the Mojave Nomads, with the third installment of music that will be bound together with the other tracks we heard this year (“GIRL” & “Creature Double Feature”). They will be part of their upcoming EP which will be released beginning of next year.

With a somber and rebellious sound, they ensure “Talk of the Town” a spot for itself as an another must listen gem from their repertoire. With a unique soundscape, this track sets it’s own mood and shapes up another story to be heard. This talented band keeps on creating mesmerizing sounds that each are able to keep themselves up high with their own force. It’s hard to believe that this band is not filling up stadiums yet but they have the talent, the passion, the music and their eyes on you (the listeners). Give them some time and these young lads will shake up the music industry with their DIY attitude, unique sounds and passionate soundscapes that are hard to come by.

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