Interview with Norell from Denmark


How did you guys meet? Did you decide then to make music together? or did that happen later?

We actually met through music. It was pretty random. The three of us went to a sort of music boarding school. Viktor and Nichlas at one school and me at another.

As a part of the program at my School i played a concert at Viktor and Nichlas school. After the show Viktor came up to me and asked if i wanted to feature on a house project they had at the time. The track turned out great!

And so it began. After six months and a lot of newly written tracks we decided to make a band instead.

Why Norell? Is there a story behind it?

We’d had a couple of other band-names before we went with Noréll. We kind of fell in love with it graphically. It was after a non related search on girl names somewhere deep within the WWW that we learned about the name Noréll. It’s suppose to mean “from the north”.

What drives you? What motivates you guys to move forward?

It´s amazing writing music when you have the feeling that somebody in the world listens to it. It is really motivating to have fans and followers to live up to.

A big motivation is that we’re always moving forward. For every song we make it seems to get better and move us forward as musicians. I suppose doing what you’re feeling passionate about is very fulfilling. I love to spend time on my craft and perfecting it. Of cause the final result of releasing the music and seeing people react to it is also a huge motivator.

What inspires your music? Artists that are major influences for you?

Our backgrounds in music really differs. I guess it’s the combination of that, that makes Noréll. We like to stay true to our roots but still follow the current trends in sound design and music compositions. Some important influences is definitely Banks and Jack ü… Just to name a few. But we tend to look a lot on what is new and fresh and then mix that with our own universe.

Any special ritual before shows?

We like to do a lot of push-ups and other warm-up exercises right before we go on stage. We always try to get as much movement in our show as possible – it helps to get fired up backstage.

So far, funniest on the road experience?

I remember one time we played a gig in Copenhagen. Viktor and I used to have these wacky tables for all our synths and triggers. It is a big part of the show and we have a lot of sound coming from these “stations”. The stage that night was really shaky and right away we felt that our quick movements wasn’t really possible here. That was easier said than done. We couldn’t help ourselves. It was pretty lit. This resulted in one of the tables falling. Literally, the whole station collapsed. I know it sounds weird but it actually gave the show some kind of rock’n roll feeling. Fortunately we were able to continue playing.

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Best live show so far?

So far we have only played one headliner. It turned out to be the greatest gig ever. It was so intense and loving. The audience was amazing. Really nice evening!

How does it feel that your music is so well received by listeners, curators and more?

It feels sort of relieving in some funny way. And it makes us happy that some people out there enjoy the music as much as we do. We feel truly grateful for that.

What does 2017 hold for you guys? Plans? gigs? Tour?

We have a lot of new music coming out so hopefully we’ll get to play a lot of gigs. Also we’re going to finish some tracks and create new ones. Nevertheless exciting things will hopefully happen.

Finally, what would be Noréll’s mantra or quote that always motivates you?

-No Rules-  , music-wise.

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