Featured Music Video: “Underwater” by Foxtrax

“Underwater” by Foxtrax

After reviewing their amazing The Cabin EP with a score of 9/10 I am more than happy to have their latest music video for coincidentally my favorite song of the EP, “Underwater”, as the featured homepage music video of the week. Foxtrax brings a new flavor of indie rock from the Big Apple, New York City, to the world. Simply listen to that voice that leads the soundscape from the realms of the mundane to something more, to something truly mesmerizing and just riveting. Then hear the rest of the band compliment it and together they give that soundscape a story and a meaning to exist and path to connect with the listener.

This track is honest, playful, mature and above all so perfectly unison and each member compliments the other with a symbiotic-like manner that is just wonderful. This talented trio has honestly not only come part of my personal musical radar, but on my personal top 10 of the year they are very much in it.

For more great music from these New Yorkers stay put for this Wolf is going to be giving away 2 EP’s for your enjoyment (rules coming soon). But if you cannot wait, you can purchase it on the link below.

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