New Music Alert: “Skeleton” by Stefan Alexander

The video for “Skeleton” took on much of the spooky imagery in the song’s lyrics. We shot most of the scenes in several abandoned buildings deep in the woods in Cold Spring, NY. A boy and a girl follow me throughout the video as past lovers from another time. They continue to haunt me and invade my dreams, even though I can never truly reach them in the real world.Stefan Alexander

“Skeleton” by Stefan Alexander

Embracing the skeletons in his closet, those secrets, those regrets and the past pain – talented singer/songwriter Stefan Alexander creates a truly mesmerizing pop track that is simply enhanced by the haunting visuals of the music video. He gives pop music a much needed dose of reality and human touch that is rarely heard nowadays bringing the music down to earth and easy for us to connect with the lyrics and melodies as the story unfolds for us. Just listen to the soundscape of this track as the visuals show themselves in front of you. Stefan makes sure that his music is an experience for all the senses and that the human experience can relate with it.

Remember his name, write it down, save him on your playlists for his soulful pop vocals are what music needed and he is sure to conquer it soon. Stefan the stage is yours, show us the magic of your music.

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