Indie Rock Mixtape 9

Indie Rock Mixtape 9

Artist: James Supercave

Song: Esther Reed

Why? Mesmerizing soundscape that feels like a travel into a parallel universe where the 60’s chill vibe and our modern angst collide making for a wonderful biographical track about the story of Esther Reed. Listen and let the music engulf you and transport to this world where you are either a victim of Esther or Esther herself (it all depends on your outlook into the track).

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Artist: Lilium

Song: Disappear 

Why? Strangely ethereal and a step outside the limitations of whats real and whats fantastical uniting haunting vocals and a blend of old school and modern day indie rock tunes. Lilium continues to show the world why the United Kingdom is a hub for music to excel and to evolve ensuring wonderful creations that are just right for any music lover. 

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Artist: Bullrider

Song: Curious

Why? From Canada come the brave and talented indie rock quintet that will be known by the world as Bullrider. Let your curiosity win as they pull you to listen to their melodies for they are amazing examples of a modern day dramatic storytelling with haunting echos that ensure the melodies stay with you through out your day as you mumble to yourself the lyrics of this track.

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Artist: Day Joy

Song: Florida’s Warm

Why? Haunting and beautiful soft indie rock from Orlando, Florida that is sure to captivate each and every listener with mature and meaningful lyrics that have a way of staying with you. This track is a definite must have as it blends some old school vibes and some modern day angst that we can connect with as the world turns round and round and no one listens but Day Joy soothes you and makes you feel at home.

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Artist: Mushy Callahan

Song: End of my rope

Why? Four brothers, one band and a whole lot of talent that is ready to step outside the Great White North and conquer the ears of the world with a unique blend of old school bravado and modern day songwriting filled up with a certain charm that only Mushy Callahan can showcase. Listen to the unison sound created this talented brothers and let some amazing Canadian indie rock take over your radar.

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Artist: Roadkill Ghost Choir

Song: Classics (Die Young)

Why? 80’s infused melodramatic indie rock/pop that has a certain human factor about it that simply connects with the listener. With a peculiar yet inviting vocal style this talented band from Florida is making this wolf look at Florida with new eyes when it comes to music for they are an amazing must listen band that is sure to make waves soon.

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Artist: Wyndham

Song: Shot Up

Why? Old school indie rock vibes with slight hints of the always amazing blues tied together with soft vocals that strangely finds a way to connect perfectly with the melodies. Wyndham sounds like a band but in reality it is a solo singer/multi-instrumentalist/songwriter/all around creative monster that is sure to conquer the masses with his sensible touch in the current indie rock scene.

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Artist: Shuffle Baby

Song: Do You Wanna

Why? Upbeat and full energy and simply inviting indie rock from Norway that has something about them that reminds of another great exponent of indie rock from the Scandinavian countries, The Hives. Simply listen and enjoy the rebellious nature of the vocals and music and let them take over with their lyrics, their beats and their spirit.

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