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“Shallow” by Carys Selvey

With a maturity in her voice and her lyrics that feels past her years, she embraces our senses and showcases her old soul beautifully in front of us through melodies that are ethereal and everlasting. With only 17 years old Carys is pure magic and talent, her young heart is able to truly connect with our deepest thoughts, fears, and emotions and create something so special and unlike anything heard or seen before. This young singer/songwriter from England is another marvelous artist that you should be following, listening to, saving money for future purchases (gigs, albums, etc) and above all simply enjoying how she is able to transcend the limits of age and the realms of sound and embody something we mere mortals can only aspire to. I applaud her bravery, her passion and of course the notes her voice reaches with natural ease. Keep her on your radar, for Carys Selvey is going to be a name that will rock the music world.

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