New Music Alert: “You’re People You’re Evil” by Thinkpiece

“You’re People You’re Evil” by Thinkpiece

Honest introspective take on the human psyche and what makes us who we are.“You’re People You’re Evil” by NUBRAIN members, Thinkpiece, is a haunting blend of rock, electronic and even some light touches of pop making it able to grasp a plethora of emotions in it’s 3:46 minutes of life. There’s something special about this track – it’s an honest piece that does not hide itself in a corner, with soft ethereal vocals accompanied by an interesting blend of sounds it stays front and center trying to teach you something, trying to open your eyes to the reason behind the title. It does not have any need for theatrics and hard melodies for with it’s own spirit it conveys it’s meaning.

With their unique take on music, this talented trio set themselves apart from the crowd and become another addition to our must listen radar. Plus they also leave us wanting to hear more of them and of the other members of NUBRAIN. Remember: Listen, Enjoy and Repeat.

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