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New Music Alert: “Fade” by Louis Baker

“Fade” by Louis Baker

“Fade” is one of those songs that is able to touch something so deep inside that you feel it from your heart to your soul, from head to your toes – it simply fills you up with emotions and with a certain sense of nostalgia accompanied by fast heart beats giving you the realization of love. Louis has one of the most endearing voices in pop music that I’ve had the pleasure of hearing, his voice is able to caress you softly as the soundscape unfolds in front of you. You feel yourself fade away but without notice you mumble and then you sing along to his music as a plea to remain real and able to hold those hands you never want to let go. This talented singer/songwriter from New Zealand is making sure the world listens as he continues to create truly touching and soulful music.

Louis Baker is a force of nature and I would honestly recommend all who love music to keep an eye out for him, for you never know if maybe at one his shows a spark of creativity appears in front of you and new music is born. It happened with the creation of “Fade” – “After playing a small and intimate set at this apartment, and being encored three times, I ran out of songs so decided to make one up on the spot,” says Louis. “Perhaps his creativity sparked something in me. The following week I travelled to London and ‘Fade’ was born.” Listen, enjoy and let it touch your soul.

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