New Music Alert: “Eighteen Minutes” by Twin Oaks

“Eighteen Minutes” by Twin Oaks

Ominous, melodramatic and truly mesmerizing melodies that have a way of creeping in through your spine directly into your cerebral cortex filling you up with a haunting realization that simply reads …“Eighteen Minutes”. This talented band from California are giving us  a first taste, a first look with this haunting track  at what they have planned for us in 2017 (soon-to-be-titled Spring 2017 EP). With soft enticing and hypnotizing vocals, accompanied with steady yet powerful drums, light guitar flowing in sync with the tune they transition into an ending made up of an explosion of musical energy that’s timed to perfection. With “Eighteen Minutes” this Wolf is truly excited for next year will bring from this talented trio as they continue to show us more music of the upcoming EP – add them to your radar, for their music is surely bound to be something amazing.

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