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“In the Middle” by MONA

There’s no denying the fact that my love and admiration for this talented band runs deep as they are one of my favorites for many years now and that to me their name symbolizes good old in your face indie rock. MONA is simply a mix of working man sense of reality and a childlike sense of fantasy that when put together with Nick’s voice and the musical capacity of the guys creates gems of must listen quality. The latest example of this is the ‘In the Middle’ EP and it’s titled track which you are able to enjoy up top.

The guys have done it again, with simple yet truthful camera work they showcase the nature of the beast (music). They also show us the electric nature behind Nick’s singing style and the way they all have that spark that when together showcases an explosion of sounds. This track is the best way for the band to tell the world that MONA is back and there’s no turning back from this. As a fan I can only be happy for them for their music has evolved with the years but fortunately in the right direction never loosing it’s soul and rebellious spirit.

The last part of 2016 is looking good for the guys and 2017 can only get better with more music, gigs and of course more MONA to put a smile on your faces.

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