Music Video Recommendation: “Trouble” by RIVRS

‘Trouble’ is a song I guess a lot of people can relate to. It’s about sexual chemistry, and being attracted to someone because they aren’t necessarily the best for you. You know that this person makes trouble for you, but you sort of crave being treated badly by them.

The video centers around what it might be like to be involved in a ménage a trois, or romantic relationship with multiple people who cause trouble for one other. We filmed the video in Berlin and tried to capture the character of the city and our favourite places that we’ve discovered since living here.

RIVRS about 'Trouble'

“Trouble” by RIVRS

Shot in the mysterious and eclectic streets of Berlin, “Trouble” fills us up with a dark moody strangely romantic indie pop mix of melodies that are only served perfectly when done so by the talented hands and voices that make up the duo know as RIVRS. With infectious hooks, mesmerizing vocals they give life to their verses through relatable and haunting visuals that truly convey the narrative of “Trouble”. As a music lover there’s no way to not join the list of fans that they have amassed which includes the likes of the electrically talented Charli XCX. This must listen track is the perfect addition to any fall/winter playlist as it flows in symbiotic manner with these seasons truly connecting with the listeners.

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