Listen: “Blank you out” by Seafret

Sometimes in life you’d give anything to be with the person or people you love the most. ‘Blank You Out’ is about trying to find a way to distract yourself in the times you are separated from them.

Jack Sedman of Seafret

“Blank you out” by Seafret

If there’s ever a duo that truly deserved and symbolized the “must follow” factor is Seafret. This talented pair of musicians have a gift for connection with the inner thoughts and feelings of the masses as they create enchanting melodies that maintain the folk like storytelling while adding splashes of rock and pop that give it that special touch that represents them. After a successful run with their amazing debut album (‘Tell me it’s Real’), the duo has emerged with their latest single – the touching and human “Blank you out”.

As you listen to this track you can help but feel a certain connection as you too have been in a position where you long for someone but distance is a cruel mistress that embraces you with pain and you decide to distract yourself from this and have even thought of blanking out that person for just that moment until you can be together and the pain dissipates into nothingness. It’s wishful thinking but honest feelings indeed, bravo for honesty, talent and Seafret

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