Music Video Recommendation: “Eggshell” by Alev Lenz

For me, Eggshell is a song about being trapped in a circumstance or mind set that while tiresome and difficult, is also part of ones life. It was with this in mind that I came up with the premise of the story. I wanted to make a film which showed OCD in two separate lights. One would be to show how debilitating and difficult it is to live with OCD. The other would be to highlight ones ability to take it in stride and integrate it into daily life. It was all about finding a balance of both these ideas, to talk about a real problem, shot in a hyper real style, although grounded in real life scenarios.

Daniel Fletcher (Director) about 'Eggshell'

“Eggshell” by Alev Lenz

Mesmerizing and haunting OCD (Obsessive compulsive disorder) inspired music video led by a beautiful and talented actress who embodies the psyche of those who live with this disorder. Alev’s voice is simply just so perfect and so unique and the way it connects with the story being shown to us is simply so refreshing and in a way endearing, for it does not mock but showcases a truth with respect and with the right human touch.

The bittersweet nature of her singing style matches the idea of the director of showcasing both ends of the spectrum when it comes to OCD, for it could be a beautiful part of daily life or a debilitating burden on which we have no control over.

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