Indie Rock Mixtape 8

Indie Rock Mixtape 8

Artist: Monico Blonde

Song: Bad Thoughts

Why? Powerful bass lines, indie rock percussion perfection, mesmerizing guitar hooks, chameleonic vocals that transcend the holds of pop or rock and a chorus that is sure to melt you away. All in all a true musical gem that comes with an amazing music video that is full of color and a certain charm that only Monico Blonde can exude.

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Artist: Ivey

Song: Last Week

Why? Australian indie rock with a certain English charm that seems to blend beautifully with this group of talented musicians from down under. Listen to this track and you will find yourself strangely connected to the situation it portrays as we all have had that “last week” experience at least once. Plus this song was tracked live, so what you are hearing is what they would sound live – not bad at all, actually something to look forward.

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Artist: North Breese

Song: Fire Escape

Why? Indie rock magic with light touches of some good old punk that make “Fire Escape” by North Breese a definite must listen for any music lover. This track might be just above 5 minutes making a “long” track in the music scene, but every minute of it is worth it. Plus not only are the melodies amazing but the vocals and lyrics are pure genius as well.

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Artist: The Ninjas

Song: Morphine

Why? Out of nowhere, the mysterious Australian ensemble known as The Ninjas appear and inject us with a dose of their “Morphine” and we are hooked into their music and there’s no going back for us. With light melodic rock tunes accompanied by hypnotizing vocals they transport into a surreal yet so human soundscape that simply clicks with our minds and souls.

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Artist: Veludo Planes

Song: Luna

Why? With a certain 90’s feel that doesn’t make up the whole of the track but actually blends in with the contemporary lyrics and that indie rock made voice. Enjoy a gem that is so worth the listen, enjoy “Luna” by up and coming band, Veludo Planes. Feel the music as you find yourself singing along to the verses, and probably jamming some fun air guitar.

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Artist: Lucas James

Song: Long way back down

Why? Blues inspired indie pop/rock track is simply so amazingly delivered with a certain old school charm and a modern day feel that is just right for any music lover. Enjoy how this talented Australian singer/songwriter connects with what’s hidden inside your heart and soul as he brings it all out in his soundscape and you can finally be free.

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Artist: Polsky

Song: Halcyon Daze

Why? Playful synth pop filled indie rock track that reminds me of one of my favorite bands, Maximo Park (with this alone they were bound to be featured). The track makes it hard to not be loved as they truly sound like they are passionate and involved with their music, and then you get the music video and you can actually see the magic happen. Enjoy this lighthearted joyful melody and have a smile while you do.

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Artist: Givers & Takers

Song: Take your time

Why? Slow paced drum beats and soft guitar tunes accompanied by mellow yet strangely powerful vocals that evoke a certain connection with the listener. Then out of nowhere a sudden spark of energy that conveys the changing nature of life as you are pulled in the soundscape of “Take your time” and you are rewarded for your relaxation and leave this song filled to the brim of energy.

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