Artist on the Rise: Daniel in Stereo

Daniel in Stereo

Genre: Indie Rock/Pop

Region: United States

Solo Project turned duo/band on live shows comes Daniel in Stereo and the man behind the music, the lyrics and the spirit of the tracks, Daniel Chimusoro. With a bright smile that showcases all the pearly whites and a hunger for music, for lyrical connection with the listeners he arrives at Wolf in a Suit. And I thrilled to showcase a man that blends in the worlds of rock and pop in a way that reminds me of Matt Healy and his famous indie ensemble that are known to you and the world as The 1975. While Daniel in Stereo might remind me of the aforementioned band, they are also unique and refreshing to hear.

They have created mesmerizing soundscapes filled up with that good old indie rock rebellious nature and the natural indie pop sensible touch. There’s a reason that they have already been part of some amazing festivals, gigs, radio play and more. I invite you to stay put, stay quiet and simply listen as the music takes over.

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