Listen: “Gravity” by Timeflies

that magical feeling you get when you first realize you’re falling for someone – that moment when you catch yourself looking at them a different way and feel the excitement of a new relationship.

About Gravity

“Gravity” by Timeflies

Beautiful romantic pop perfect track filled with infectious mesmerizing beats and light moments of fast paced rhymes all tied in a bow made up of soft yet powerful vocals that have a way of truly capturing the feeling behind the story of the track. “Gravity” is the best track to listen to while you are in that period right before getting serious with someone  – where you are just finding out that your heart is beating in a different pace than before and that you are falling to new grounds, you are simply falling in love. This pop duo from New York have created an anthem for all of those who are currently falling in love, who have fallen in love and who will fall in love in the future. 

“Gravity” is the perfect mix of refreshing soundscapes and relatable verses that have a way of staying with the listener. This track is the latest in the long list of must listen pop gems this talented duo have created so far. Plus it’s perfect to listen any day, anyway and no matter if you are in love or not for it’s simply for full of a special energy that it will surely make you smile.

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