Top 5 New Indie Rock Week 10

Top 5 Indie Rock Week 10

1- The Circle

Region: Italy

Genre: Rock/Pop

Short Paragraph: Enticing union of rock melodies with a genuine pop spirit that makes “Fire” a truly unique breath of fresh musical air that is sometimes so rare to come by. Let Giuseppe’s voice pull you into the soundscape of their creation as the guitar powers through each tune, the bass quietly keeps the pace and the drums give into the energy and all together fill you up with a special kind of energy that only this Italian band can generate.

2- Danny Starr

Region: England

Genre: Folk/Rock

Short Paragraph: Young English singer/songwriter/self-taught musician who possesses an old soul that is able to create ballad like blends of folk and rock that are simply gems to listen to. It’s hard to believe he is so young (at only 17 years old) but he truly is and that makes his music more of force of nature for it’s only bound to mature and evolve with him as he grows and lives new experiences. I am excited for what the future holds for this young talent.

3- King Washington 

Region: United States

Genre: Rock

Short Paragraph: Soft vocals that know how to perfectly unite with mesmerizing drum beats that are accompanied by a soft guitar and bass that will blow you away. This Los Angeles based band continues setting that magical city into that special group of true hubs for music to simply grow organically and in a unique manner. Just listen to the arrangement of this track, you can’t help but fall in love with it’s ethereal and surreal nature.

4- Joe & the Anchors

Region: Sweden

Genre: Rock

Short Paragraph: Wonderful and honest translation of the feel and spirit of the track into creative animation that simply enhances the experience and gives us a soundscape that is both sound and visuals as well. Listen to the unique mix of mature direct lyrics, rock tunes, pop softness and a folk-like style of singing that feels like storytelling. Another must listen artist from Sweden that this wolf has become a fan of.

5- Night Drive

Region: United States

Genre: Rock/Pop

Short Paragraph: 80’s inspired modern blend of synth pop and rock vibes that sets Night Drive apart from the rest of the 80’s inspired music that is currently in fashion in the indie scene. They bring a certain Depeche Mode like aura that translates so well into the music they create making their soundscape feel so haunting while at the same time so inviting and mesmerizing. Dive deep into the dream like world of “Rise and Fall”.