Featured Music Video: “Symbiotic Love” by Monks In The Wood

“Symbiotic Love” by Monks In The Wood

Modern day indie rock perfection is what the monks deliver with their latest music video for their track, “Symbiotic love”. From the UK, this talented band unites all their talent, experiences and magical songwriting in creating a track that is simply truly haunting and so surreal while being so human. Visually mesmerizing a with a story that could easily be translated into a short film, Monks in the Wood captivate the audience both visually, musically and give us a taste of the magical and mysterious that we as humans seem to have a fondness of. While we follow the story of a “young” vampire in doubt we are transported to this world through the melodies, the soft tunes and the hypnotizing vocals.

Beware music lovers, the Monks are sure to capture your attention as without notice they slip into your radar and become your next favorite decadent pleasure. Enjoy!

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