Top 5 indie Queens of Music Round 9

Top 5 New Indie Queens of Music Round 9 features some truly amazing and beautiful talented women who are simply setting something new and unique in the indie music scene. This time around it features: Betty Who, Emily Burns, Raja Kumari, Demira, and Oh Jonathan.

1- Betty Who

Region: Australia

Genre: Pop

Short Paragraph: Talented Australian singer/songwriter Betty Who brings us a track that is so relatable, so real and of course, so human. Speaking about the weird situation that comes after a break up where you still miss that person from time to time because you were so connected once and you miss that human touch. The feeling goes away eventually, but we have all had that weird feeling where we are in a limbo stage of leaving a relationship and being single.

2-  Emily Burns

Region: England

Genre: Pop

Short Paragraph: Mixing R&B, light touches of Tropical house and of course some mesmerizing pop comes the youthful talent of Emily Burns and her latest single, “Take it or leave it”. With an enticing and multifaceted soundscape, she effortlessly walks among the beats and tunes of her track and while doing so she takes our hand and invites to listen and be captivate and become (like many) a fan of this talented artist to be on the lookout for, for the future looks bright for her.

3- Raja Kumari

Region: United States

Genre: Pop

Short Paragraph: First of all, WOW, look at her dancing! – Second, WOW, I feel connected with this amazing track. Talented singer/songwriter/dancer Raja Kumari brings us exactly what the world needs in these gloomy months, a track that speaks to the heart and that pushes for positive vibes and for inspiration as we move forward, because there’s no going back, only the road ahead of us. Let’s make it count and aim to be the best us we can be and do so with perseverance, passion and unity.

4- Demira

Region: Netherlands

Genre: Pop/Folk

Short Paragraph: Uniting the storytelling beauty of folk and the enticing melodies of soft-pop comes Demira from the Netherlands. One can’t stop feeling mesmerized and pulled into her world from the first note her voice she touches, she has a way of connecting with our souls, our hearts and the unity of our senses in a way that leaves me begging for more of her haunting music. “Fountain” is the latest showcase of her magnetic talent.

5- Oh Jonathan

Region: Sweden

Genre: Folk

Short Paragraph: With a unique combination of folk and circus like sounds comes the talented duo of Sandra Widman and Josefine Löfgren aka Oh Jonathan. “Animal Song” is wonderfully uplifting and it takes our mind away from the stress and problems that might be part of our daily lives. For a moment we transported to their soundscape and we find ourselves walking hand in hand with them in the path filled with unique characters and a special sense of peace that can be seen in the music video.