Listen: “Under a Broken Smile” by Tablefox

“Under a Broken Smile” by Tablefox

Under a broken smile

Under a whispered lie

I love you now

From Auckland, New Zealand comes Tablefox and their marvelous blend of sounds that create an indie rock vibe that is so theirs, so unique and so unmistakable for the senses. This track is believe it or not beautifully romantic lyric wise and when we blended with the strong instruments and the soft yet energetic vocals it just showcases a love that is unchanging, a love that is real, a love that will forever remain by the side of the person it’s for. A unique way to say I love you to that special one, cut it one with soft pop songs, the acoustic relaxing vibes, give that person something new and everlasting, give that person a show of the strength of your love, give them “Under a Broken Smile”.


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