Playlist: Soundcloud Discovers Part XII

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  • The Northern Folk: An assembly of talented individuals set to create beautiful folk/pop tunes that will inspire you and relax you.
  • Lolahiko: Dark Mature pop by a talented duo that always manages to touch our souls with their unique style of making amazing music.
  • The Partysquad and Alvaro: Change the pace and give it a 180 a simply jump to the nearest dance floor and give your body that freedom it desires.
  • Hailey, it happens: Electro-pop melodies filled with well written lyrics that are bound to put a smile in your face as they bring up a memory of your past.
  • Howling Home: A nice of folk and rock that keeps the story telling of the first and a certain hint of power of the second that is simply just a must listen.
  • Goldsmoke: Synth pop inspired by the 80’s craziness and filled with a certain aura that feels so relaxing and so riveting and hypnotizing.
  • Sly Withers: Australian indie rock that is youthful, fun, rebellious and exactly what we needed to hear to remind us to the amazingness of rock.
  • The Dropout: Pop and electronic music united in this soft and melodic soundscape that is so mesmerizing and that will surely leave you filled with a sense of awe.
  • Bamik: This talented Swedish singer/songwriter dives into the old style of folk and brings it to today’s era with touches of youthful lyrics and experiences.
  • WOWH: Unique and honestly one of the best pop tracks to come to my ears, simply listen and be pulled into the soundscape of this amazing track.