Featured Music Video: “Dance on it” by Bordo

“Dance on it” by Bordo

It’s with great honor that I post about this amazing music video for this great track, for talented duo Bordo and company decided to use Wolf in a Suit as the premiere place for this awesome music video. So get ready, put on your dancing shoes, warm up, do some stretches and press play for you are about to get moving. As an invitation for something new, something good, something positive comes “Dance on it” and its enchanting mix of beats and vocals that are sure to make you move your body in ways you didn’t think possible. As the soundscape unfolds, an imaginary dance floor appears in front of you and I recommend that if you are shy listen to it by yourself and simply let go of your inhibitions and dance. When in times of uncertainty, it’s always good to be reminded that there are little joys that no one can take away and that sometimes for a smile all there is to do is simply dance.

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