Listen: “Dali” by Anna Renee

…Let me be

The only portrait for your masterpiece…

“Dali” by Anna Renee

Anna’s latest single, “Dali” is simply surreal, ethereal and just so enchanting and filled with a special energy about it. When you listen to it, is easy to understand why the track is titled “Dali”, for your mind starts creating a painting as the song flows, a verse becomes a stroke of the canvas and each sound fills in the images. And when it ends it leaves each listener with a unique set of works of art that is to be only seen in the gallery of their mind. This track truly stands out from the rest as it’s soundscape not only plays with our listening but invites the rest of the senses to be a part of the fun. Listen and let yourself go as Anna Renee sings to us and enchants us from the very first note.

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