From Australia: “Brother” by Jack the Fox

“Brother” by Jack the Fox

“Brother” is the best way for the talented duo composed of school friends Angus Robb (vocals/didgeridoo/harmonica) and Justin Lewis (Guitar/Lap Slide) to set their first step into the beautiful world of music. This track is already making head waves in the music world reaching 430,000 streams in one week and after that it hit #1 on the Global Viral 50 Spotify Charts and #1 the on U.S., NZ and Canada Viral 50 Charts.

Going by the name of Jack the Fox, they have created with their first single something that can only be described as pure melodic magic. They compliment each other to perfection and dug deep into the lyrics to create something relatable, real and mature. Their passion and hard work can be felt throughout each note, each verse and simply everything in “Brother” and that is also a part of it’s charm. Hearing music that is so pure and honest is a strange thing to find nowadays, that is why this song and this duo are must listen entities of music.

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