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Music Video Recommendation: “Faking” by Dirty Sole

“Faking” by Dirty Sole

Visually amazing and so unique and different from what has been done and it dwells on the current love for all things different and that feel superhero-like in the movie and TV industries. The main and only characters are a couple who seem to have special abilities that they are discovering together through a series of scenes in which we also get to explore a home that seems built specially for them to dive into this discovery together. Chicago based Dirty Sole takes us into this soundscape, into this world where the impossible becomes possible for this pair of lovers. As “Faking” unfolds for our senses to be taken over by the blend of electronica and synth pop we are filled with the story behind the lyrics and strangely we relate for we know we all have faked a smile, a tear, a kiss at least once and it feels right to hear the truth.

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