Indie Rock Mixtape 6

Indie Rock Mixtape 6

Artist: The Shrives

Song: Madnight

Why? Honestly one of the most must listen bands to have come of the UK in the last years, just listen to the unique soundscape delivered in “Madnight”. The Shrives are different, unique, unlike anything you’ve heard – they pop, rock and a good portion of punk that when put together it’s simply oh so amazing. Get ready, hold tight and you better say your prayer before you dive deep into the world they have created with “Madnight”.

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Artist: Husky

Song: Late Night Store

Why? From Australia with a natural gift and pure talent come Husky and their wonder of a musical work of art named “Late Night Store”. Just listen to the soft melodic mix of rock beats and pop sensibilities that are united through the voice that is able to dance around with such an ease in between this worlds creating a soundscape so fun, so surreal and at the same time so true and so honest. 

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Artist: Simon Alexander

Song: Phoenix Fire

Why? Simon Alexander’s “Phoenix Fire” is simply indie folk/rock perfection, uniting his raspy and powerful voice with an acoustic guitar played in a rock style, mature lyrics that see through the noise in the world and focus on the listener and lastly ethereal echos that all put together make up for one of the most appealing and astounding soundscapes I’ve heard in a while.

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Artist: Half Crown

Song: 32 teeth

Why? Rebellious blend of old school rock with modern touches of the current indie scene with moments of hip hop that is to bound to fill up your music goodness needs. Half Crown is a must follow act, if you don’t believe me just listen to “32 teeth” again and let the raw and honest soundscape of this track take over your senses and teach you a thing or two about great music.

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Artist: Kasador

Song: Talk About it

Why? Amazing union of pop and rock creating a truly mesmerizing and honest pop/rock beauty that is sure to click with the senses of all who listen. The underlying melody is pure rock and then they added a layer of synth hooks and dance tunes on top of it and “Talk about it” is a gem unlike anything you’ve heard. It blends the happy aura of pop with the relatable storytelling of rock creating a danceable drama piece (“…a song lamenting about losing someone through lack of communication…”).

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Artist: Youth Killed It

Song: Molly

Why? Uniquely British and so inspired but also strangely chameleonic and able to be loved and enjoyed by all no matter your background, no matter your country, no matter your language. It simply is a marvelous example of good old alternative rock that the masses need and deserve.

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Artist: Deaf Radio

Song: Anytime

Why? Ethereal, surreal and so mesmerizing are the melodies of Greek powerhouses Deaf Radio and their track “Anytime”. Just listen, just here the guitar slowly but surely set the stage for what’s to come with the assistance of the drums, the bass and it’s hypnotizing leader in the form of a voice so enchanting that it’s hard to believe this band is part of the indie scene and not taking over the world already.

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Artist: Ceasefire

Song: Joyride

Why? Uniting the musicians and the fans comes this unique music video for Ceasefire’s latest gem “Joyride”. As you listen to the song and truly pay attention to the message, it’s easy to understand why the fans and the band together created this style of music video, because it truly is a joyride – it’s wonderful to see such a relation of mutual commitment and love.

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