Cover: “Ain’t No Love” by C.S. Armstrong

“Ain’t No Love” by C.S. Armstrong

Bobby “Blue” Bland is one of the founding fathers of the blues legacy. It’s with great honor I cover one of my all-time favorite songs that showcase the truth and honesty of love and my nomadic lifestyle.

Honestly one of the best covers I’ve ever heard, the way C.S. Armstrong keeps the original spirit that the great Bobby “Blue” Bland brought to this track but also gives it his own personal touch of strength, power and magnetism is simple what music is about. “Ain’t No Love” could be to C.S. Armstrong what “Hurt” was to the legend that was Johnny Cash (a cover song done by this great singer/songwriter from the original track sung by Nine Inch Nails)- even though it was a cover song it felt so his, and this track feels so part of C.S. Just hear the nice modern rock touch he gives this marvelous track and listen to how he turns it into his own playground, into a uniquely inviting soundscape that blurs the lines of musical genres and is simply a home for all who seek great music.

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