Playlist: Soundcloud Discoveries Part XI

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  • Luca Schreiner: Perfect track to get your body to move in ways you never knew you could, just let the blend of voice and beats take over.
  • Kristoffer And The Harbour Heads: A modern feel with that special old school charm all tied together with meaningful and mature lyrics.
  • Kasbo: Young spirited indie electro with nice touches of pop and a female singer with a voice so unique and so electrifying.
  • The New Coast: Inspired soundscape that can easily transport you to a whole new world where you not just seeing but you are part of the story.
  • Birdee: A dance floor ready beauty of a track that is sure to pick you when you are feeling down and simply make you move what your mama gave you.
  • The Mono LPs: One of the best indie pop/rock tracks you’ll hear this year – just listen to how that unique voice intertwines with the melodies and creates magic.
  • Joseph J. Jones: “Blood on the leaves” and “Love Lockdown” by Kanye West come together in this unique mashup/cover that feels like an original masterpiece.
  • High Violet: Funky 80’s inspired melodies tied together through the magic of soothing and mesmerizing vocals that invite us to slow dance through its soundscape.
  • The Brocks: Indie Electro/Pop band The Brocks have created a true gem with “HLYWD”, just listen to how the melodies flow effortlessly and the voice and the instruments sound as one being.
  • Miller Blue: Unique, unafraid and willing to create music so unique and so charming that it truly is a breath of fresh air that the current indie scene needed and wanted.