New Music Alert: “Higher than you” by Heavy English

“Higher than you” by Heavy English

To get this quality of sound you need to get creative and pick the right pieces that compliment each other; you need to get three talented New Yorkers (preferably named Sal Bossio, Dan Gluszak and Ari Sadowitz) and they need to be fearless when it comes to melodies (in anything else that’s a bonus), then you need to add a whole lot of pop and that’s it …just kidding, within that pop you need to throw in some rock (this formula sounds familiar) but then you go crazy and pour that sweet sweet funk with light touches of electronic and things get really interesting and so fun. You don’t believe me? Just listen to “Higher than you” or their breakout hit “21 Flights” and be hypnotized, mesmerized and just dance to the rhythm of their music as you are transported to Heavy English territory (no worries, they got funk, a brand new album about to be released and I am pretty sure they’ve got cake).

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