Featured Music Video: “Simple Love” by The Dig

With the ‘Simple Love’ video, we wanted to show a colorful explosion of an old man’s imagination and bring out our warped take on an old-school, traditional style song. Our close pal, Maestro Mike Mueller, directed and co-wrote this one with us, and he helped bring back some old kooky characters from the last video we’d made together.

“Simple Love” by The Dig

A mesmerizing melodramatic ode to that one true love, to the real thing, to that simple love that makes us whole. It is all magically delivered through the music video that showcases an old man’s imagination turning into reality in front of his eyes as he guides each character for he is the maestro of this colorful orchestra of sounds and images. Let go of the rules and regulations of life and simply dive deep into this ocean of melodies.

“Simple Love” masterfully represents the modern road of indie rock that loves to intermingle with pop while showing an old soul that is felt in the songwriting. The track joins all the instruments into one exemplary soundscape that with the unique help of the church organ simply leaves us speechless as the music takes over and we become another imaginary character of the old maestro’s imagination.

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