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Music Video Recommendation: “Shine” by Mondo Cozmo

“Shine” by Mondo Cozmo

Inspiring melodies filled with a sense of hope and an honest and inspirational feel about it that is simply so uplifting and refreshing to hear. It mixes light touches of rock with folk working class tunes throwing in some light gospel in the mix that makes for not only a must listen track, but a genuinely human soundscape that touches our hearts as listeners and as people. Mondo Cozmo is music incarnated in a person, notes joined together to have limbs and a soul, he is in touch with the melodies he creates and with the people he sings to and for that his music is truly inviting for anyone and everyone. He invites us to shine in this time of uncertainty and to move forward and to always take the high road for life is too precious to be sad, depressed or filled with hate. Don’t fall prey to the negativity, but shine through the grey skies and bring back the sun, for tomorrow is another day and we must move one and live as best we can as we shine through.

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