Listen: “Haunted World” by Isle&Fever

I dunno, what they say
The world is falling
Is falling to shit
Cuz we don’t care
Who runs it

“Haunted World” by Isle&Fever

An honest track inspired by the feeling of despair about the current political situation, it invites us to truly listen and to understand it as this inspired soundscape unfolds in front of your eyes and fills up your senses. For me it’s not just about despair but about so much more than that. It’s also about acceptance: acceptance of our mistakes, acceptance of dropping the ball on many topics, acceptance of being human and making mistakes. This is our country, our world, if we have something to complain about then we should take a different route than despair, pointing the finger and acting like we don’t care. We should push for connection, for education, for reaching for our dreams no matter what and start caring about what’s going on and by doing so we will still be broken (for that’s our nature) but together we can work to make us whole.

Dive head first into beach like rock created by this talented duo and come out inspired, filled with their magnetic energy and do something new, something worth a damn.

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