Listen: “Parallel and Repeat” by Seavera


We envisioned the song creeping inside the walls of an old cathedral and tried to imagine what it would feel like if it were overtaken by the elements of the earth. ‘Parallel and Repeat’ is an impassioned offering, within it a constellation of frustration and hopefulness, a confrontation with fear, and an open confession to the people we have tried to love.

Seavera is an Australian Indie Pop duo composed of the talented Tori Zietsch and Daniel Pinkerton and they should be on your must follow/must listen choices. The Reason? if you have not heard their first single “Caving” and fallen in love with their melodies then take a listen to “Parallel and Repeat” and be mesmerized by the ethereal and surreal soundscape they create and put your hand out to be guided by Tori’s marvel of a voice as she dances around through the mature lyrics and the soft haunting tunes that go so perfectly with her voice.

Listen to “Caving” below:

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