Review: Love Gloom – Night Riots

Night Riots

Travis Hawley – lead vocals

Nick Fotinakes – guitar

Matt DePauw – guitar

Mikel van Kranenburg – bass

Rico Rodriguez – drums

“…I’ll be the king, You’ll be the filth I wash away

Nothing personal, personal, personal…”

Love Gloom has become my personal addiction since the first time I heard it, I listen to it daily and each and every time the experience simply improves. The sound created by Travis, Nick, Matt, Mikel and Rico is simply so unique, so rebellious, and they are blurring the lines between genres and creating a whole new monster that they can only tame as Night Riots. The worlds of rock, alternative and pop collide into riveting and awe inspiring soundscapes that are exactly what the doctor recommended and perfect for every mood. Plus there’s a certain maturity in the songwriting and a refreshing way in how the instruments unite with the voice and together the message behind the music is simply powerful.

In your face: Nothing Personal & Contagious

Pseudo Romanticism: Work it , Fangs & Don’t Kill the Messenger

Heartfelt Honesty: All For You, Breaking Free & Pull Me Down

Relaxing plethora of sounds: As You Are & End of the World

Acoustic Vibes: Everything Will Be Alright & Tear Me Apart

“…You were quiet
In a world so full of noise
I’ll be your shoulder you cry on
I’ll always hear your voice…”

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