Indie Rock Mixtape 5

Indie Rock Mixtape 5

Artist: El West

Song: Olivine

Why? This is what you call proper indie rock with the right touches of indie pop and powered by a powerful yet touching voice that can showcase a human softness while also being able to jump at you with a superhuman strength. El West creates a soundscape that invites you to rebel to your daily norm and try something new and explore the world outside your four walls (Do it! – it can be truly amazing).

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Artist: Adam Jensen

Song: The Mystic

Why? First of all clap along to the track and tap your feet to the melodies delivered by Adam Jensen and “The Mystic” – it’s simply amazing isn’t it, just the right burst of energy that your body needed and it’s simply a nice escape from the crazy world and simply sing along to the rebel yell behind this powerful track. This is simply one of the best indie rock tracks out there and you should go and get yourself a copy of it.

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Artist: The Altered State

Song: Dear (The Way Down)

Why? Talented pair of twin brothers decide to make music, what do you get? The Altered State and their nice blend of old school and contemporary indie rock that is so refreshing to hear and just comes naturally to enjoy. Their soundscape will surely engulf you in a wonderful rock world that has the right relationship between guitar and drums that make them sound as one and a voice that is so hypnotizing and simply amazing.

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Artist: Hello Casanova

Song: I’ll be waiting

Why? Punk Rock from the UK delivered with the right rebellious spirit mixed in with well written lyrics and all put together with music that puts a smile on this wolf’s furry face. “I’ll be waiting” or more like I’ve been waiting for a young band to take the punk rock flag and simply take it to it’s rightful place in the indie music pantheon. 

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Artist: Karuna

Song: Sink or Swim

Why? Alternative rock mesmerizing band lead by the awe inspiring voice of Rosa Jane that will surely transport you to a world only reachable with the assistance of this Liverpool quintet and their unique blend of tunes and lyrics. I invite you to explore this soundscape as the guitars lead the way, and then the drums and bass join in and finally the voice that is just the perfect cherry on top appears into scene.

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Artist: Model Depose

Song: Nightwatch

Why? Refreshing sounds that fuse synth pop tunes, electronic beats and the always rebellious rock sounds accompanied by a ethereal and ominous voice that makes Model Depose stand out from the crowd and come at you as a new voice you ought to listen and music that can easily become a member of any playlist of any music genre. 

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Artist: PAPA

Song: Comfort’s a killer

Why? An amazing showcase of indie rock beauty and magic that invites you to get up from your chair and do something worth a damn and stop dancing around in your comfort zone and go and get what’s yours out there in the world (remember it won’t wait forever). Darren Weiss voice is the perfect injection of adrenaline that you need to dive into this soundscape and come out of it with a new sense of doing and go-getter attitude.

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