“Drowning” in the melodies of Carrie Lane

Carrie Lane

With an aura filled with a special type of magnetism comes the beautiful and talented Carrie Lane who comes to us ready to turns us into fans of her music. From the first second I heard “Drowning” I just knew it was a must listen hit in the making beauty of a track. Carrie is able transcend the realm of the music and melodies and reach out and grab us and pull us into her world. Simply let go of any rules and let the muse known as Carrie Lane grab your hand and guide you through the soundscape of her creation.

“Drowning” is pop perfection with light touches of R&B mixed in with the best ingredient out there to make great music, Carrie herself. Add this amazing track into your playlist as of right now and be on the lookout for what Carrie will be delivering for our senses to rejoice in the future.


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