Artist on the Rise: Braves


Genre: Indie Pop/Indie Rock

Region: The World

Riveting and awe inspiring music created by three unknown musicians who decided to join up and create BRÅVES – a musical experiments free of all the rules and with no strings to pull as they make music that is unique and that the public wants to hear. They are rebels who decided to not be bound by anything and simply make pure and honest pop tracks that dance around the realms of other genres with such ease and beauty creating soundscapes that are simply mesmerizing and surreal.

Just listen to how that mysterious voice unites with the beats and the sounds as if they were always meant to be. Let the music sink in and pay attention to the truth and the stories behind the lyrics. Braves is the plea for creativity and for exploration beyond the boundaries of what’s typical and to aspire to create something new that the world has not even thought of listening. 

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