Indie Folk Mixtape 2

Indie Folk Mixtape 2

Indie Folk Mixtape 2 is a collection of folk or folk infused songs that through the sounds of this genre are able to touch something in me and hopefully in you (the next listener, the next holder of this pure melodies). Enjoy this indie folk melodies and be open to being transported to new soundscapes and to be guided by voices that will surely touch your soul.

Artist: Ricky Vazquez

Song: More Heart that Sleeve

Why? A voice and a guitar unite to create feelings, truth and to share a story with the listener in a such a human and real way evolving from a pure folk entrance adding some rock along the way and with that the soundscape becomes more enchanting and approchable as the song progresses. A song that deserves praises in all the fields, from lyeics to each and every instrument and all served beauifully with Ricky’s voice who has a unique power of touching and connecting through a story we have seen or lived.

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Artist: Freja Frances

Song: Breathe

Why? The worlds of Pop and Folk collide through the keys of that piano as Freja’s voice leaves us speechless and simply in awe with the mystery of how she is able to touch our hearts with a soft yet beautiful melody inspiring us to learn from the soundscape she is guiding us through. Steady as she goes we go where she takes us, we have lost our will to the magic of her voice and we breathe each a every note in.

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Artist: Ross Nicol

Song: New Streets – ft. Caroline Saunders

Why? Ross Nicol and Caroline Saunders unite their voices creating beautiful and touching harmonies that guided only by a guitar (at first) and lyrics written by an old soul make for a soundscape so ethereal, so full of heart and simply so mesmerizing that when joined by the visuals of their music video the story sinks in deep into us leaving us with a sense of peace and tranquility.

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Artist: Joel Ansett

Song: Turn to Gold

Why? Joel delivers meaningful folk tunes filled with touching and real lyrics that people can see and feel and be part of and the song is specially perfect for this time of year (Autumn) for the visual landscape he describes in his beautiful soundscape can be seen outside my window and it makes for a truly surreal and amazing view. “Turn to gold” is not only a beautiful track but an ode to human nature and to the path that our lives will walk through.

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Artist: The Watanabes

Song: Over Romantic

Why? Two British brothers in Tokyo creating old school folk tracks with nice touches of contemporary story telling sung with beautiful pop perfect voices. The Watanabes are a mesmerizing showcase of unity of cultures, sounds and experiences that make up for a truly inviting soundscape that is so relaxing, so inviting and just a wonder to listen.

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Artist: Pool

Song: Holding on to summer

Why? Known for infectious light hearted pop tunes, they strip it down and put the lyrics forward for us to truly be able to touch with simply a guitar in hand and an ability to transport us to a quiet and relaxing beach where we remember our past summers and how there’s bound to be at least one we did not want to end and we held tight to it hoping to make it last forever. Simply amazing must listen track.

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Artist: Jordan Moe

Song: Bridges

Why? Young singer/songwriter Jordan shows us that California delivers musical talent in each and every genre and he does so with a wonderfully melancholic yet beautiful masterpiece that sounds so mature, so real and simply with such a power to touch our hearts and our souls. Jordan’s voice is honestly perfectly made for his blend of folk with light touches of rock that is so unique and so perfectly able to relate with the human experience.

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