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Beautiful, talented, explorer of the world and of life Cat Pierce loses the Pierce to simply let the world hear her voice as CAT. She showcases a grasp of melodies, experiences and a special type of maturity that makes her voice a force of nature that the world desperately needs and wants without knowing yet. Her indie pop tunes are unique and dance around a separate realm of what’s commercial and what has already been done but she has such a magnetic aura about her that her music is so inviting and one dares to approach it and without notice, you fall in love with it. “Weapons of War” is simply mesmerizing and so full of a purity and charm that make it a soundscape that you must and will explore over and over again just as she explored the jungles of Peru, the deserts of Joshua tree, and hills of Hollywood that inspired her to create this and other gems we will surely listen soon.

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