The one, the only … Richard Ashcroft

Considered by Chris Martin (from Coldplay) and me to be the best singer in the world, he is ladies and gentlemen the one, the only …Richard Ashcroft. He is one of the best all around musicians to have come out of England in the past decades, he can write melodies that are ethereal and out of the reach of time, his baritone voice mesmerizes and hypnotizes each and every person who has had (or will have) the privilege to listen to him. From early fame and rise with the now defunct band, The Verve, he found peace and creative reign of his melodies as a solo artist who has written tracks (“A Song for the lovers”, “Break the night with colour”, “Music is power”, “Words just get in the way” and more) I could listen for hours and days without wanting to listen to anything else. 

He is the epitome of a what a lead singer should be, he astounds with that unique rock star aura that only a few possess (even if many believe they are part of this select group) and he has a must listen new album. ‘These People’ is another showcase of creativity, emotions and pure and utter lyrical prowess. He ensures that each track has a it’s own soundscape that will embark you into a unique experience of sounds and tunes. So my dear reader, if you have not heard his music before, I strongly recommended you do so. Once you do, you will be counting your lucky stars and asking them for a chance to see his electric persona on stage. But for now just let his music take over as he continues creating memorable masterpieces of music.

Latest Album: These People

Release Year: 2016

My favorites of all these amazing tracks are: This is how it feels”, “Picture of You” and “Songs of Experience”.

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