TheVillainAndI with “The Earth from the Air”

Lyrical perfection mixed in with soft indie rock melodies that go along together as perfect soulmates who were always meant to be. Daniel Charles Toone the man behind thevillainandi is not only a prolific singer/songwriter in this marvel of a project but he is also in the band ‘Monks In The Wood’ where he is co-frontman to Matt Rhys (who also plays bass for this amazing proposal).

The soundscape of “The earth from the air” is so enchanting, so magnetic and simply engulfs you in a sense of awe and leaves you speechless. Daniel is one of the few that is touch with the gift of uniting storytelling with mellodious joinings of instruments aka music. Let this London based singer/songwriter/all around musician mesmerize you with his voice and the sensibility behind his tunes.

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