Music Video Recommendation: “Dance Sucker” by Lina

I am so excited about the release of my new single ‘Dance Sucker’. I started dancing when I was very young, and it was through dance that I developed my passion and love for music. There’s so much magic when music electrifies the body and turns feelings into dance moves, that’s what Dance Sucker is for me. I love the brilliant production that my producers Jerry Wonda and Tal Forer did to the song; the dark soul verses followed by the powerful energetic chorus that makes all the demons inside of us disappear.

I cant wait to perform this song live and see and feel the energy of the crowd.

“Dance Sucker” by Lina

Amazing danceable track by a young, beautiful and talented singer/ Songwriter who is setting her path to making her star shine brighter as each day goes by. Lina is truly a force of nature as she mixes dance beats that are sure to make you shake what your mama gave you and beautiful soft pop vocals that go along to perfection with the melody. As she let’s the music flow, she invites us into the dance floor and into her world as we become suckers for her musical magic.

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