Indie Rock Mixtape 4

Indie Rock Mixtape 4

Artist: SWMRS

Song: Palm Trees

Why? Rebellious modern indie rock with the right touches of that oh so lovely punk spirit that when used right can bring a smile to this wolf – SWMRS deliver an amazing honest piece of music that when translated into the music video world it transitions in an effortless manner creating a marvel to behold and to listen.

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Artist: The Unlikely Candidates

Song: Ringer

Why? Smart and fun symbolism of the American dream (the ringer) with a nice pop infused rock track that catches your attention from the first note and never let’s go until the story behind the music sinks in and then you sing along as you finally are in on the secret and you let the soundscape take over you.

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Artist: Personal Public

Song: Home

Why? Old school vocals filled with emotion and a certain maturity that strangely goes along to perfection with the indie rock/pop tunes of Personal Public and their track “Home” – Plus it’s one fun music video that stays in touch with the melodies of the track as the story moves forward.

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Artist: Foxkeeper

Song: Haunted Houses

Why? Nice rock melodies blended with sensible yet powerful vocals that can transport you to another world as you explore “Haunted Houses” and the Foxkeeper guides you through each tune and each lyric and you are ready to let go of what locks you down and simply enjoy some great music.

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Artist: You me at six

Song: Night People

Why? An amazing mix of softness and power that is simply completely a caffeine filled soundscape that is bound to open your eyes if you are close to falling sleep and invite you be one of the “Night People” – Enjoy the amazing indie rock of You Me at Six and simply add them to your playlist because you know as well as I that you are bound to this song from now on. 

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Artist: Kaleo

Song: Way down we go

Why? Simply listen to Jökull’s powerful and hypnotizing voice as the rest of the band make the perfect home for him to simply let go of any rules and sing and capture your attention, which you will never return for now you are engulfed in Kaleo’s Icelandic rock – this is truly a beautiful emotion filled track that that showcases a range of emotions, talent and pure unrestricted music.

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Artist: The Score

Song: Unstoppable

Why? The perfect track to get your blood pumping and to get you to take a look at those dreams and plans you are always on the fence about making happen and simply take charge of them and take them from fantasy to reality as it’s soundscape fills you with strength and passion. The Score will get you to get up and live life, for you only have one, so take a hold of it and make it memorable.

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Artist: Fairchild

Song: Relevance

Why? Mesmerizing soundscape filled with touches of pop and modern day indie rock that mix together so well making “Relevance” a hypnotic and amazing piece of must listen music that should be part of your playlists as it’s bound to turn into an ageless and fan favorite. Let Fairchild take hold of your senses as it delivers this amazing song.

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