Indie Pop Mixtape 4

Artist: Diva Faune

Song: Cool Girl (Tove Lo Cover)

Why? It’s Diva Faune, this talented French duo became one of my favorite indie pop acts when I heard their song “The Age of Man”. Now with this uniquely stylized cover of Tove Lo’s “Cool Girl” the love deepens as they mix acoustic guitar, electro-pop sounds and melodious vocals making this cover a must listen.

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Artist: Cronicle

Song: Head up and high

Why? From Sweden (Based in London) with love for the world to enjoy some amazing fast paced riveting electro beats, filled with pop tunes and served in a platter made up off beautiful vocals- That’s Cronicle for you, just listen and let her music flow through you and as it takes over just smile and rejoice that you are listening to one of the most talented DIY singer/songwriters/all around musicians out there.

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Artist: Bloodboy

Song: Fuck Yourself

Why? Bloodboy is one of those must follow acts out there, if not just listen to this beautifully rebellious track and tell me I’m lying as she strides with a soft-spoken power through the lyrics and unites them with the soundscape surrounding her – It’s a nice mix pop symphonies with an almost punk like honesty making it unique and ensuring we listen and pay attention to her and only her.

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Artist: Mr Little Jeans

Song: Fevers

Why? Another beautiful pop track that is just right, she continues the path of hit making following her last single, “Stitches”. Her voice and that mysterious and eclectic feel behind it invites us with every note she touches with ease as her soundscape engulfs us into a world only she could guide us through – be mesmerized by her capacity to connect the dots in our musical hearts.

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Artist: Off Bloom

Song: Love to hate it

Why? Soft electrifying vocals filled with a plethora of electro pop beats and sounds that together make for the most enticing of soundscapes plus the vintage feel of the music video strangely goes along so well in a uniquely Off Bloom way – This trio is definitely one to be on the look out for as their rebellious approach to music makes for something so unlike anything out there inviting you to join their movement of blurring the lines of music and uniting sounds beautifully. 

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Artist: Nylon Waves

Song: Don’t call me BAE

Why? Just amazingly fun and strangely magnetic lyric music video by this young and talented trio that will surely make you body move with their 90’s infused melodies that are sure to put a smile on your face – the track pushes for a change, for an evolution, and above all for honesty from today’s young generation ; they invite to stop trying to be some else or to act in a way that is not you (with the whole bae thing, using filter to change the whole take of a picture and much more).

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Artist: Alex Hager

Song: Drive me crazy

Why? Splash some punk into your pop and you come up with some truly inviting and fun melodies that are sure to make you smile and simple want to sing along like a madman while you drive to the nearest burger place – And if on top of that you add a music video like this then you are in for one memorable ride that will leave you wanting to listen to more of what this talented musician has to offer.

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Artist: ShyBoy

Song: Neutron Dance (Pointer Sisters Cover)

Why? A melodious, danceable and fun cover by the talented ShyBoy; he takes an 80’s track and brings it to your lap as a modern musical creation that is bond to make you want to sing along and at the very least you’ll be tapping your feet to the rhythm of the beats of this “Neutron Dance” – he creates a dance floor like soundscape that is so inviting and simply sounds like a lot of fun.

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Artist: Ensh

Song: Gender Bending ft. Memet

Why? Breaking walls as the song flows from the moment it starts filled with rebellious synth pop sounds, danceable soft beats, emotional vocals and pushing for the listener to pay attention and realize the truth behind the lyrics as the soundscape unfolds in front of you – Ensh with the company Memet invite you to ask questions, to be true to yourself and to open your eyes to what surrounds you in the modern world.

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